Does Mir Need To Work On His Striking?

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Kevin, May 28, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I've got a huge amount of respect for Mir. This is a guy who been fighting in the UFC since 2001. There are few fighters from that era still active, nevermind someone who is still getting title fights.

    Over the last few years it's become clear that striking is his weakpoint. He was overwhelmed by Dos Santos, Carwin and Nog (before he got the sub). Dos Santos is an amazing boxer but he was overwhelmed with Brock too - striking is hardly his strong point.

    I can't help but think that if he really focused on his striking he would be a very difficult fighter and wouldn't have to rely on getting the other fighter to the ground (the same could be said for Brock).

    I'd love to see him work on his striking more and improve his overall speed. Does Mir Need To Work On His Striking?

  2. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    If he ever wants to be champ again, undoubtedly. He never even really got close to taking Junior down. When Mir went on the floor, Junior didn't even bother to follow. Just waved him back up and beat him down again. I think his style really needs to evolve if he is to stay a top contender.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Definitely. He showed that if he can't get someone to the ground, he's not any got much else he can do. Brock is in a similar position.
  4. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Brock is an interesting one. Do you think that was a WWE ploy for hype? Or genuine interest in a return?
  5. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I reckon it could be both. I was reading an article online about it. Albeit it's all speculation at this point but apparently his angle in the wrestling now is that he's a UFC guy. They suggested that if both organisations can work out a deal it could be beneficial for everyone.

    Brock is still a large draw in the UFC. He's not a contender though he'd definitely be a handful for many heavyweights so it would make sense to keep him. Plus, it's good for the WWE if he continues to fight there as it gives them a bit of legitimacy. It could all be smoke and mirrors in order to generate interest in both organisations.

    What do you think is next for Mir then? If Brock came back, he would maybe be put against him, though Brock mauled him in the first fight before Mir got the sub and mauled him even more in the second fight, so I don't think it's really worthwhile. Bigfoot could be an option and perhaps a rematch with nelson if nelson gets another win.
  6. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Where Mir goes next is a tough one. He got beaten so comfortably you can't see him getting another shot at Dos Santos as champ. He's already took out Noguiera and Fat Roy. I'm thinking Werdum could be a decent match up. If Werdum wins it it could put him in the mix for a future title shot.

    If Brock comes back I think there are a lot of fun matches he could have. Fat Roy would fancy a shot at him, I also think he'd make a really high profile debut for Corrimer as well.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I reckon any striker will beat him comfortably - I can't see him beating Werdum, Carwin, Velasquez, Dos Santos or Brock.

    Perhaps Mark Hunt is a good option. Mark Hunt is a vicious striker but I'm not sure if his take down defence is as good Dos Santos's. Corrimer is a good shout too.
  8. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    You talking mir or brock?
  9. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Sorry. Mir :)
  10. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    If I had read your post properly I'd have got that to be fair :D
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  11. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Of course he does, he is an amazing wrestler. However, he does not compete in wrestling, he competes in MMA. He has to mix it up. You can't just fight one style, when anything can happen. Granted, his weight class is dominated by a boxing style fighter, you still need to touch in all areas. In order to be "the best", you need to become
    "The most complete fighter in the world"
    -Yuri Boyka, Undisputed 3; redemption.

    As long as you do one part of your chosen sport, and neglect the other, you will never become your full potential. If you are a great striker, work more on Grappling, BUT keep working on your striking and vice versa. Once he competes at a higher level in striking he will become a even more feared fighter.
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