Don't be scared homie. Introduce yourself :)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Elbow_Sandwiches, May 19, 2012.

  1. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Nice one. What part mate. I've family all over there, but mostly Ontario. I get stick all the the time as I've never visited. The closest I've came to visitng is a stop off at Toronto on route to Boston!
  2. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    The plan at the moment is to head to Ontario, to the Greater Toronto Area, for a while. After this we will be heading to Calgary and hopefully spending some time on the oil rigs. Other spots we gotta hit up are Montreal (pretty much specifically to meet GSP and the other fighters in this area) and Vancouver!
  3. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds brilliant. You trying to take your fighting seriously?
  4. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    Yeah, I have only just started BJJ but I really love it.. The new team I just joined does MMA training too which included Muay Thai and Wrestling. Literally joined it this week though so we'll see how it goes! Have done small amounts of Taekwando and Capoeira in the past too.. also growing up I was in a hell of a lot of street fights haha
  5. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Rough part of Dublin then bud :D

    Kevin has done a decent amount ot training, been to Thailand etc doing it. He'll be able to tell you better himself though. To be honest I'm more of just a fan than a fighter.
  6. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I've not been to Dublin in a few years. One of my friends is from Brae so we've been there a few times. Last time we were there the police caught us at 2am taking the big notice from the Brae Park all the way back to my mates house. We explained to them that we found it in a skip and it was a gift for our friend who is a big Brae fan and they just laughed it off. In Scotland we would have spent a night in the cells. We had walked about 2 miles with the bloody thing and the police got us just as we were walking into my mates estate.

    My brothers in Belfast so when I'm back this Summer we might head over to his and then do a day trip to Dublin. It's a cool long as you aren't drinking. 7 euros a pint is ridiculous!

    Taekwondo is fairly big in Ireland. Surprised to see Capoeira there too. I'm a big BJJ fan myself. Haven't did it in two years as I injured my neck (via a Twister!). If my neck injury gets better I hope to go to Brasil or Thailand to do some BJJ training.
  7. Hey Tabs, Yeah ive been there before nice enough place, but i kinda keep my MMA Addiction under wraps. Im afraid of Geeking the fuck out on people.
  8. Joe

    Joe New Member

    Thanks tabatha, I hope to become a name amongst NZs elite.

    Womens MMA is without a doubt getting much more intense, Rousey is making it huge with that insane armbar she has, I hope it will be made even bigger, it deserves to as much rep as males MMA, they may not be as strong, (excluding Critiane Santos, I swear she is more manly then most of the male comp) but they are much more technical, and they seem to rely much more on technique than raw power. That looks spectacular.

    We also semi have Mark Hunt, just have the aussies taking more kiwi talent :p
  9. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Joe/Tabatha, still time to get in to tonights prediction contest. Be good to see one of regulars walk away with a freebie from tonights event

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