Fedor's Position In MMA History

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    I know that p4p debates can be kind of pointless sometimes, particularly when comparing fighters from different weights and different era.

    Fedor announced his retirement after his 1st round knockout of Pedro Rizzo about two weeks ago, so I suppose now that he won't be fighting again, it's a good time to have a look at his career.

    Without doubt, Fedor should be considered as one of the best MMA fighters over the last 20 years. He was pretty much undefeated for the first 10 years of his career (one loss and draw via an illegal elbow and accidental head butt). His three straight losses in Strikeforce raised a lot of questions for many people. In my opinion he was past his prime at this point (his size might have been an issue too).

    He followed that up with three fights within his own promotion but not one one of them was a challenge for him. I think the biggest question is 'why didn't he join the UFC?ยด. We'll never know why negotiations broke down though I suspect money was at the heart of it - either UFC or Fedor's company making too many demands, which is a shame, as there were so many classic fights he could have fought.

    I'm firmly in the Fedor is a legend camp. He fought a lot of guys that were much bigger than him and the way he won fights was incredible. There was very little he couldn't do.

    What's your views on Fedor?

    Also, what's your favourite Fedor moment. Can anyone top this :)


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