Hector Lombard

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Anton, May 16, 2012.

  1. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Been reading a lot about him since he signed with the UFC, but coverage in the UK doesn't get any further than Zuffa products. Any of you guys tell me if he's as good as the hype?

    I don't want to judge my full opinion on a couple of Youtube clips :D
  2. If they're willing to give him a title shot if he beats brian stann then he's doing something right...
  3. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    It does say a lot. Do you fancy him against Stann?
  4. I like stann, but chael exposed his lack of a ground game. If its a stand up fight, Stann don't take no shit.
  5. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Didnt really turn out well for this guy then. Horrible fight on a poor card.

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