How important is self promotion in MMA?

Discussion in 'MMA Discussions' started by Kevin, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Obviously self promotion is a big part of being a fighter in MMA nowadays. For example, if you have more Twitter followers, you can hype your fights better and create news stories.

    I'm curious as to how important it is though. That is, can a fighter rise to the top quicker if he starts calling people out?

    Take Matt Riddle as an example. He got the decision against John McGuire at UFC 154 on Saturday. Just like he did after his fight at UFC 149, he called out Dan Hardy.

    Dan responded later and said that he wasn't interested in fighting him.

    Dan has been vocal in calling out other fighters himself in the past (e.g. Matt Hughes). Despite him not wanting to fight Matt Riddle, I have no doubt the pair will fight in 2013, particularly if he keeps calling him out.

    Do you think it harms a fighters chance at success if they don't hype their fights up more?

  2. Jesse Thomas

    Jesse Thomas New Member

    Self promotion works if people like you or your fighting style (exciting to watch, etc.) if your Matt Riddle it won't work.
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