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    We've had discussions before about some of the rules benefiting some types of fighters. For example, not being allowed to knee opponents on their knees greatly benefits wrestlers and has on many occasions stopped strikers from finishing a fight.

    I'm sure we've you've all seen the first few UFC's. They were nothing short of brutal.

    Shortly after this:


    This happened:


    MMA has come a long way since then and the sport has flourished because of safer rules. I can't help wondering what it would be like if all these rules were removed and the fights were more like they are on the street.

    No gloves, no shoes....just shorts.

    Everything would be allowed - eye gouging, groin grapping, kicking downed opponents, wrist locks and finger manipulation would all be legal.

    It would be savage, there would be lots of injuries but I've no doubt everyone would watch. How would the current UFC stars do if these crazy rules were brought back. Would we see some fighters who are limited by gloves and rules beat more high profile fighters?

    One thing's for sure - we'd have to bring Tank Abbot to the UFC if the rules did change back!


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