Iron palm skills.// yes or no?

Discussion in 'The Video Room' started by MercyGiven, May 19, 2012.

  1. MercyGiven

    MercyGiven New Member

  2. I like how the second brick didn't go so well on the first time. Still, it saves a lot of money when renovating your house..
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  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    It's incredibly easy to do that due to half of the brick being on the ledge and the other half just hanging there. Even someone without much training would be able to break the brick in this manner.

    If he wants to demonstrate the technique correctly, he should place the brick on the ground so that there is resistance.
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  4. Deborah

    Deborah New Member

    I ain`t impressed, bricks don't hit back!!XXxxXX
  5. Hero Of Time

    Hero Of Time Member

    It's a neat trick, but not hard to do as Mr Kevin said
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  6. SifuPhil

    SifuPhil New Member

    Nope, not Iron Palm. When you can strike a stack of 5 bricks (solid, not with air spaces like he used) and break only the middle one, let me know. :D
  7. KingJoker313

    KingJoker313 New Member

    The look on his face is like for real u got to record this I wanna watch football come on lol

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