John Albert / Kim Winslow Controversy in TUF

Discussion in 'UFC' started by SifuPhil, Jun 6, 2012.

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    Did anyone happen to catch the John Albert / Eric Perez bantamweight fight last Friday? It's stirred up quite a controversy because of a call the referee Kim Winslow made.

    At one point Perez caught Albert in an armbar on the mat, and without Albert tapping out or verbally signaling Winslow rushed in and stopped the match, claiming he had verbally tapped. Albert claims he merely grunted.

    Accusations are flying around that Winslow isn't qualified to referee, the parties involved are making their views known in several outlets and it's just a big mess.
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    I didn't watch the TUF finale though a few other members here did. I hadn't heard of this though MMAMania have a great interview about it. There's an interesting note about it on UFC that suggests that a loud grunt (or something similar) is sufficient for the ref to stop a match as it can mean the fighter is in pain so the ref is effectively saving the fighter from breaking an arm.

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  3. Kim Winslow makes me want to punch my TV.
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