Who Should Stefan Struve Fight Next?

Discussion in 'UFC' started by Kevin, May 29, 2012.

  1. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    It looks like Velasquez will be fighting Dos Santon for the title next. Both won their fights convincingly so it does make sense.

    The great thing about having everyone in the same division fight on the same night is that it makes it easier to see who's moving up and who's moving down. Struve has now had 11 fights in the UFC, which is a huge amount considering he's only 24. He currently has 8 wins and 3 losses, and is now on a 3 fight winning streak.


    I reckon he needs one or possibly two more wins and he will get the title shot. Who should he fight next though.

    • Stipe Miočić
    • Bigfoot
    • Mark Hunt
    • Roy Nelson (Roy beat him in the first round two years ago)
    • Winner of Werdum/Russow
    Werdum is fighting Russow at UFC 147 in a few weeks so perhaps he will fight the winner of that fight and whoever wins that fight will get a title shot.

    What do you think - who's next for Struve?

  2. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    I like Struve Miocic. Two young guys on a tear right now. Would really give the winner a massive boost towards fighting a top 10 guy, and making a real push in the division. Alternatively I'd go for Fat Roy, gives him a chance to prove he has progressed.
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    I think Roy is a good call. Young guys progress so quickly. It would be different if he lost when he was 30 but Struve was only 22 when he lost to Nelson and he is getting better every year.

    It's kind of similar to Rory MacDonald. He went three rounds with Condit when he was only 20 and to date it's his only loss. If he fights Condit next year it could be a completely different story.
  4. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    I think if MacDonald got a rematch now he's take the belt
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  5. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah he was vicious with his ground and pound in his last fight. He's definitely a future champion.
  6. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Totally agree. Read an interesting article on that division though, and the lack of action. Condit, Hendricks, all sitting waiting on fights till GSP is back. Basically the fight is to be the 4th ranked person in the division, till the mess at the top is sorted.
  7. Kevin

    Kevin Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah it's annoying. I'd rather Condit had to defend his belt in the meantime, but it's hard for the UFC to ask him to do that after he stepped aside for Diaz etc.
  8. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    I know. It just seems a waste. Also leaves them a little short on title fights for the big numbered cards.

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