Why Is MMA So Darned Popular?

Discussion in 'MMA Discussions' started by SifuPhil, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. SifuPhil

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    When the first UFC event took place in 1993 I don't think too many people thought it would become what it has - a monster. :eek:

    What's odd about it is that mixed styles of sport combat have been around since at least the early Greek practice of Pankration became a part of the Olympic Games in the 7th century B.C. Catch wrestling was created in the late 1800's, Vale Tudo in the 1920's and shoot wrestling ("Shooto") in the '70's.

    Is the current incarnation of MMA just a phase we're going through or is it here to stay? If it's just a phase, what do you think is the next step in its development?
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  2. Anton

    Anton Moderator Staff Member

    Interesting post mate. I've a few ideas, not go any particular order.

    The demise of boxing

    The rise of the internet

    The rise of tv

    Good marketing by the new leaders of the sport
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  3. Kevin

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    PPV buys have apparently dropped in the states but it's growing rapidly elsewhere in the world. It's definitely not a phase.

    Zuffa need to take a huge amount of credit in saving the UFC as it was going nowhere before they purchased it.

    MMA would still have been around though. Pride was more popular than the UFC before Lidell and Ortiz etc and there were some other smaller organisations too. I doubt it would have been as popular globally if Zuffa hadn't taken it over though.
  4. tajnz

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    I agree with Anton the demise of boxing has certainly contributed to the rise in popularity of MMA. Boxing has really struggled with scandal, match fixing and a lack of real competition. Especially in the heavyweight division. I also think people have tired of WWE and want to see real athletes compete. Fighters are just that ... exceptional athletes, many of multiple disciplines. Boxers were just that great Boxers but MMA fighters train in wrestling, ju jitsu, kickboxing ect.. I think this element creates unpredictability while one fighter may fair well over some opponents another fighters strength in a discipline could result in their demise. I think MMA is a game of strategy as much as it is brawn. I think people are entertained by sports where anything can happen.

    I remember 10 or so years ago when I started watching MMA with my family no one else seemed to know what on earth it was. There were no bars screening it as I mentioned in the welcome thread and there certainly wasn't screeds of people walking around in Tap Out or Affliction shirts. I remember if I saw one person wearing one I'd smile like it was a secret club. Last year I was wearing a UFC top that to some might be a little scary. Nothing too gruesome just black with a gold ribcage. Anyhow I walked into an elevator with little old ladies and thought they'd be put off but one said "Do you watch the UFC too dearie?" Hilarious but an example of how popular UFC has become. It's mainstream now.

    I think MMA is here to stay. The next faze? I think MMA will continue to grow in popularity internationally with more UFC events staged around the world (as is already starting to happen) and more fighters coming out of Europe. Initially I think the UFC was reluctant to bring in the Europeans ha ha as some of them are quite strong and will be a bit of competition for the Americans and South Americans.
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  5. Violence. Mostly.
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  6. darren thompson

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    Just a thout but the Romans had there colasiams
    Where the gladiators who'd fight to the death. That whoudnt be aloud to happen
    Now but I think is the closest thing to it thay are moden day warriors
    And I think its human natere to want to see two warriors fight it out to
    See who is the better fighter.
    P.s sorry about some of my spelling

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